This work is inspired by a number people, places, and events over the course of decades. It is a small corner of my experience, and there are others waiting to be conveyed. To those who have been part of my life and to the places and events that have shaped me, I give thanks. I owe a debt to storytellers such as Harry Chapin and Jean Shepherd who indirectly helped in shaping my perspective. Together, they are all brushstrokes and nuance in a painting still in progress.

Thanks also to several people in current times who have encouraged me to put together a book, based on some of my commentary and witticisms on social media. They include my sister Janis and my friend Juan. Bet you didn’t expect poetry, loosely formed as it is. You won’t find much traditional structure here, more a staccato assembly of phrases and thoughts, or what is commonly called free verse.

One of the streams that must be forded in releasing work such as this is overcoming the fear of feedback. I’ll take the good and consider the rest. It’s a matter of taking things in stride; in knowing what constitutes value. I thank my late Aunt Marian for teaching me that. I hope you enjoy this short book and I wish you all the best.


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